Write A Book Report Effectively That Can Help You Get an A+

A book report is a written summary and review of a certain book. It is one of the most common assignments assigned to students. The book to read can either be the student’s personal choice or assigned by the teacher. It does not necessarily have to be a fiction as some teachers assign non-fiction too.

Writing a book report effectively

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Writing a book report can both be fun and complex to write if you know how and follow these steps:

  1. Read the whole book for the report. You cannot write an effective report if you did not read it from cover to cover. Reading it can make it easy for you to write the details about it. This is why choosing the one you are interested to read is important.
  2. Keep in mind important details. This refers to the main idea of the book, etc. You can list them down if you don’t want to forget them.
  3. Know the parts and structure when writing a book report. Knowing the parts of the paper can help you easily organize and write it.
    • Introduction: This section contains the title as well as the genre, publication and the information about the author. Make the introduction luring so readers will be convinced to read the rest.
    • Summary of the book: Just give a brief summary to give readers an idea about the settings, the characters, etc. of the story.
    • Character description: This introduces the main characters for fiction or novel.
    • Plot summary: This is where you give the detailed summary about the novel or fiction according to what you have read. Write it as if you are telling a friend about a movie you watched and make sure you include the important parts.
    • Conclusion: This is where you critique, comment or praise the book, emphasizing its good and bad sides.
  4. While writing it, be mindful of your grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  5. Proofread the report effectively. Make sure you proofread it so you can remove all the errors.

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