Writing the Best Cover Letter to Get Hired for the Job Successfully

Finding a job is one of the most common challenges you’d meet in life because of the competition. As many applicants try to compete for the position you are aiming, you need to stand out if you want to be the winner. In order to do this, writing a good resume as well as a good cover letter is your ticket to success.

A cover letter is usually attached with the resume. It is like an introduction about yourself in an essay or paragraph form. It’s like a more detailed resume which is why cover letters usually exist to support what’s written on your resume. However, it also contains some information about yourself that cannot be found on the resume.

How important is a good cover letter for job?

A good cover letter is more detailed than your resume. It is your chance to explain the unclear information found in your resume. It is also your chance to project a good first impression to the employer. Writing a good cover letter, is therefore, important as it increases your chances of getting hired. Employers usually read the cover letter first and then if they find it interesting, they’d read your resume as well. If you have a good cover letter, it usually helps the employers decide to hire you.

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How to write a good cover letter?

  1. Address the Employer Properly. Whether you know the name of the employer or not, the most formal and polite way to address them is to use “Mr.” and “Ms.”
  2. Say something about the job position offered. Make sure you study or do your research about the job position you are applying for. This proves to the employer that you are really fit for the job.
  3. Explain your skills and why they should hire you. Relate the job position to the skills you have and explain to them why you are right for the job and how your skills can contribute to the company.
  4. Don’t be overconfident. Just state the truth on your cover letter with humility rather than in a conceited way which could make the information too good to be true. Make sure your truthfulness and sincerity shows, of course with a touch of confidence. Avoid too many adjectives.

Getting help writing a cover letter

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