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A research paper is a piece of academic writing that aims to explore and identify certain issues. It obviously requires study because all facts gathered should be based on real studies and not hearsays. And since it requires study, writing the whole thing takes time and attention. In other words, you need to focus and spend time with it if you want a quality research paper. This is why writing a research paper is a serious matter. There are also other important things to consider.

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The structure of a research paper

The structure is important because this helps the writer stay on track of the topic. With the right structure, reaching the goal is even easier. It contains these parts:

  • Title page – Contains the title of the research paper and the author
  • Abstract – This serves as the brief summary
  • Introduction – Contains a brief explanation of why you chose your topic to study
  • Methodology – Contains a list of the methods you plan on using to gather data
  • Results – This is where you lay the results of your study
  • Discussion – This is where you discuss the results of your study
  • Conclusion – You can state your speculations in this part
  • Acknowledgement – This is where you thank the people who helped you achieve your goals
  • References – This states all the resources where you took your data from. This part is important to prevent your research paper from being deemed as a plagiarized work.

Rules when writing a research paper

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Following basic rules can also help you write a quality research paper. With this, you must be keen with your grammar. You must also organize your facts and thoughts in a very coherent manner which is why knowledge about writing rules is important. Most of all, make sure your research paper is well-researched so take the time to study about your topic thoroughly.

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