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Thesis writing is truly a complicated challenge for students because of its very demanding structure and guidelines. If you are not too mindful of what you write, you could get lost in track. However, there is something that you can turn to in your paper to help you get back on track, and that is the thesis statement.

The paper is a brief summary of your whole thesis and the whole point you are trying to convey with it. This is a very vital part of the writing structure because it not only helps fix your writing on your goal, but it also gives readers a clue about your research. If written well, the paper can contribute to convincing the readers to continue reading the whole idea.

How to Write a Good Thesis Statement?

  • Be specific. The paper is not a very lengthy discussion of your thesis topic. You’ll bore the readers with a long statement. Get directly to the point.
  • Be very clear. Remember, not all of your readers are the same when it comes to their ability to comprehend information. So, when you write a thesis statement, make sure that it is very clear to your target readers. Do not use jargons and words that only you can understand. Use simple words that your readers can understand. The whole point of the paper is not to brag about your high-level vocabulary, but to get readers to understand your point.
  • Let the statement answer common questions. It is in your thesis statement that you write why you are exploring on the topic, so write it in a way that it answers the possible questions readers are likely to ask.
  • Relate it to your topic. Obviously, you need to make sure your thesis statement is related to your topic or else it would come out as a product of scattered ideas.
  • Do not write facts. What you are going to write in your thesis statement are not facts yet. They are just a summary of what your idea is trying to achieve. You are still going to prove your topic to the readers through research so, do not write factual conclusions yet.
  • Make it convincing and interesting. Yes, you should use simple words and sentences when you write it. However, do it in a way that it will not appear boring to the readers. Write it in a way that readers will be convinced and be interested in delving deeper into your research.
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