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Essay writing is a kind of academic writing wherein you aim to discuss a certain issue and present an argument regarding that issue. It is like presenting an issue and giving your own thoughts and opinions about it as well as giving readers something to agree or disagree about. Writing an essay is one of the most common assignments given to college students and while some enjoy it, others don’t.

The Challenges of Writing a College Essay

Writing a college essay may be fun and may seem easy, but there’s actually a challenge attached to it, which is why most of the students just choose to get help with writing.

  • You need to follow essay writing structure. Writing it is challenging because it’s not just writing whatever thoughts and opinions you have. Rather, these thoughts and opinions, as well as the facts you have gathered, should be written in an organized manner. You can do this by following the proper structure in writing essays.
  • You need to make it convincing. College essay writing should also be convincing or it should attract argument from the readers. This is why it should be written well by using convincing sentences.
  • You need to choose an interesting topic that readers can relate to. Sure, it is easy to choose an interesting topic for you, but are you sure that the topic you choose is also interesting to the readers and would make them want to read the whole paper? This is why, simply thinking of the topic of the paper you are writing is already a challenge.
  • You need to write in perfect grammar, spelling and punctuation. In other words, you need to apply the basic rules when writing English essays. And if you are not familiar with these rules, you are likely to have a hard time writing a quality paper.

Indeed, while some are up to the challenge, some could need the help of the best essay writer service that we offer.

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